Sub-Forum Agenda_Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Fudan Science and Innovation Forum 2018

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Sub-Forum Agenda


Time: Sunday, December 16th, 2018

Venue: Events I & I , 6th Floor, Hyatt regency Shanghai-wujiaochang (88 Lane, East Guoding Road, Shanghai)


Host: Melody Jian (Founder/CEO of Myjoypass)

14:00-14:30   |    Session 1

Topic: When Biotech Starups Meet Venture Capital

  • Speaker: Lily Shen (Alumni, Managing Director of Morningside Ventures)

14:30-15:00   |    Session 2

Topic: Startup and Innovation Opportunities in New Environment

  • Speaker: James Mi (Alumni, Founding Partner of Lightspeed China Partners)

15:00-15:20   |    Tea Break

15:20-15:50   |     Session 3

Topic: Semiconductor Innovation Supports All Kind of Innovation in Our Lives

  • Speaker: Shuai Zhang (Alumni, R&D head of TSMC China Company Limited)

15:50-16:20   |    Session 4

Topic: Explosion of Altruism in Mobile Internet Era: a Brief Introduction of Xiangwushuo

  • Speaker: Steven Peng (Alumni, Co-founder of HappySharing)

16:20-17:10   |    Round Table Discussion