Jie Lin-New retail format — Secrets of smart convenience stores

Speaker:Jie Lin

Title:New retail format — Secrets of smart convenience stores


A comparison between supermarket and convenience store and introduce Simple 24 smart convenience store. Simple 24 is the only company that uses visual technology solutions and buys scene to land in China. It has visual-based unmanned cashier technology solutions with high technical barrier. Just like Amazon Go, Simple 24 can create a cashier-less shopping experience with only three steps: just access to the store by using Simple 24 mobile application, take the products you want, and just walk out the store. Charge will be automatically executed to users’ Simple 24 accounts. This is enabled by a fusion of multiple technologies, including visual recognition, deep learning and various sensors. These technologies provide product tracking and identification, including the collection; put back the merchandise, checkout and other actions.p>