Jiangfeng Du-Quantum control of spins in solids and its applications

Speaker:Jiangfeng Du

Title:Quantum control of spins in solids and its applications


The science of quantum control lies at the heart of modern physics. Various applications of quantum control have emerged and we witness great development in recent years, such as quantum computation, quantum simulation, and quantum metrology, etc. Spins of electrons and nuclei are among the most promising physical systems that can realize reliable and robust quantum control. They have a major advantage since the quantum coherence can be protected very efficiently against external noise, which represents the main challenge to the large-scale implementation of quantum control.

My presentation will mainly focus on our recent experimental study of quantum control over spins in solids. We concern on several respects such as decoherence suppressing with dynamical decoupling, precise spin control, efficient realization of quan-tum algorithms and simulation, and ultrasensitive sensing with single spins in di-amond.