Ke He-Quantum anomalous Hall effect: Past, Present, and

Speaker:Ke He

Title:Quantum anomalous Hall effect: Past, Present, and Future


Quantum anomalous Hall effect is one anomalous type of Quantum Hall effect that avoids the use of external magnetic fields. The study of this effect is not only the key to bring the Quantum Hall physics to industrial applications, but also the very foundation of achieving exotic quantum phenomena such as chiral topological superconductivity, topological transports, and magnetoelectric effects. I will introduce quantum anomalous Hall effect with a focus on the concepts and principles, and then present our experimental realizations through the study of electronic properties, magnetic doping, and magnetic coupling mechanism, and molecular beam epitaxy of topological insulator films. I will also describe the recent research efforts of improving the transition temperature of quantum anomalous Hall insulators. Finally, I will discuss other quantum anomalous Hall related physics and future applications.